The Hope Student


The firmʼs distinguishing attribute is the pursuance of a value adding, solution orientated, personalized service offered to all its clients. We strive to provide a unique and unrivalled quality service which has the academic success of our resident students at its core.

This includes the provision of all the relevant amenities and technological support to allow our residents to fulfill their academic obligations whilst having fun at the same time.


Our properties provide a safe, comfortable and peaceful living environment for students and most importantly one that is conducive to productive study and healthy living habits for a balanced lifestyle. To this end the following provisions have been made at all our residences;
- Provision of minimum gym facilities
- Wellness advise through the Sandton Wellness Roundtable
- Healthy eating habit tutorials conducted by a certified dietician
- Stringent prohibition of the possession or use of drugs and any illegal substances
- Alcohol consumption is strictly prohibited from Sunday to Thursday


Safety is a non-negotiable at all of our properties and no effort is spared in ensuring that we provide far away parents/guardians with the peace of mind of knowing that the students are safe at our properties. The safety and security arrangements include the following:
- Regular safety awareness tutorials for residents
- Emergency fire-drills to ensure residents know what to do in an emergency
- Full time 24 hour security guard at all properties
- Easily accessible emergency radio linked panic button at all properties
- Security screening of all personnel
- Pool nets at all properties